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The Senior Experience

I LOVE to work with seniors that have the same passion & fire to create something beautiful and use their session as a way to tell their story and to show the world how truly mesmerizing they can be. The senior experience is a mixed between you doing things you love & directional posing. On booking your session, there will be a short interview with the senior being photographed. In order to truly capture you, I need to know a little about you. After we book, I am no longer just a photographer, but you & I are on a team racing to complete the most magical artwork anyone has ever seen displayed of you. I want to do more with our time than just capturing meaningless, surfaced photos. I want your session to be real memories, not just posed ones, acquired of ideas we have manifested together. I like my seniors bold & brave, those who do not shy away from showing the world little glimpses of their soul. Whether it is delicacy, gentleness, strength, or agility, I want to capture you for you. It wasn’t that long ago where I was a senior too (last year to be exact). Some people thrive in high school, and that is lovely! But some people don’t; sometimes, senior year is messy and stressful full of bombarding questions no one yet knows the answer to. Our session is a way to remember you are here for more than just school (OMG, DID I SAY THAT?!?) Yes! You are here to be purposeful, imaginative, to grow, be joyful, and create. Step away from the craziness of high school in a forest or walking thru the city with me. Take a breath. Rejuvenate the creativity lurking in your mind.


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E-mail: shelbiraines@gmail.com

Lifestyle Shoots

Sometimes people don’t know what lifestyle shoots really are. Well. That makes the both of us. I think lifestyle shoots are how you live you life in your style. It is having what you normally do documented. It isn’t extremely posed (besides that one dreamy, irresistible shot). It is the documentation of every day life. LIFESTYLE SHOOTS ARE CLOSE TO MY FAVORITE. I may help you along to get comfortable in front of the camera, but when you document the realness and vulnerability of people just naturally being theirselves, something exquisitely beautiful happens in that time frame. People will get to see the natural beauty that is you and your family and your children. Lifestyle shoots can look incredibly different. They can be you and your lover having a pillow fight as feathers float around you with laughter filling the room. They can be children playing kitchen or house in their playroom or a family playing on a playground. One lifestyle shoot that I am dying to do is to have a family pick berries in an orchard. The ideas for these shoots are endless! I think that is why they’re probably my favorite, the imagination can run wild for making a lifestyle shoot! During these shoots, you can make real memories with your loved ones. That is so special! Have any ideas? Contact me! I would looove to create with you & help your ideas come to life. ❤

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E-mail: shelbiraines@gmail.com

Couples & Engagements

There is something the whole world revolves around. Love. Whether it is darkness seeping through the cracks of the earth because a lack of it, or laughter echoing all around because joy cannot be contained in such tiny chests, love makes us act. And our actions are incredibly important. They show how we love (or don’t), how we show kindness, how we serve, how we value each other. Love is the basis for so many overwhelming truths and virtues. Love is important! So, why not document it? Ah, but how can someone document a love story like no other? How do we make this unique, intimate love story come to life in still pictures? That’s my job ;-). Together, client & photographer, we can show the world just how precious and pure love is. Couple and Engagement shoots have my whole heart, but more than just having two people stand in front of a camera, you get the option to share a story of love with thousands of people sitting behind screens. I am a strong believer that love can change this world.

Prior to your shoot, there will be a short interview. But don’t get freaked! In order to truly tell your story during your session and do my job, I need to know your story as a couple. Couples range from quirky to daring to adventurous to more reserved. That diversity is okay. But I need to figure out which are you! Want to make your love story known? E-mail me to book a session! I would love to show the world how epic human love can be.

E-mail: shelbiraines@gmail.com

Things with babies

(Things with babies=maternities, breast feedings, mommy & me’s, labor & deliveries, etc.)

Oh, the loveliness of carrying children. Some are accidents. Some are prayed and fasted for. All should be loved. What a memorable time in life to capture! I love seeing photos of my parents before they had me. I look back on time where hair was teased to the ceiling, and it seems like they had a different life in a far away world. Photos make one moment stand still forever. These precious moments of pregnancy are fleeting. Let me capture the breathtaking aurora of your little one in your belly or help share the exciting news that you are expecting! These are moments you want to keep. Maternity sessions can be set just about anywhere (it isn’t like your belly will just go away). As your photographer, I am willing to work with you based off your personal pregnancy needs. Can’t bare to go out of the house? Let’s have an intimate in home session! I haven’t done any breast feeding sessions, so the first few I do are going to have big discounted rates (and the first one will be FREE). If you are interested in having one of those, e-mail me. Let’s discuss ideas!

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E-Mail: shelbiraines@gmail.com

Weddings & Elopements

My wedding & elopement packages can be completely customized based off your need! Whether you want engagements, day afters, & bridals (or none of the above), I am completely willing to work with you on building the loveliest day ever when two become one. Weddings are so dear to my heart. I long for the day I get to say I do, and when I get to witness 2 souls baring their hearts to each other, tears will be hitting the ground! Wedding packages look a little differently than other sessions because it is an all day & major life event. Prior to booking me as your photographer, there will be an interview in order for me to understand the story behind the “I do’s.” Because I don’t have a portfolio for weddings yet, my weddings will be heavily discounted. E-mail me your vision for your wedding day & what you think you need from me. From there, we can work together in moving toward the big day!

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E-mail: shelbiraines@gmail.com

Apart from weddings & elopements, my packages range from $200-$350. I offer mini shoots in the fall and have pop-up mini shoots throughout the year.

A little about me

Hello! Regardless of how you stumbled upon my website, I am super grateful to have you:) During our shoot, whether it’s wedding or the full on senior experience, I’ll learn a looooot about you, and sometimes, clients like to know a little about me. I graduated high school in May of 2017. Before that I had played around with a camera for about a year. I guess you could consider me a “newbie.” I absolutely love Jesus. I started booking sessions a little over a year and a half ago to raise money for a mission trip to Africa. I looooooove Africa. I have a lovely boyfriend who has had the title of my boyfriend for 2+ years. I’m based in Mississippi, but I welcome all traveling inquiries (international included). If you have any questions about me at all, feel free to ask. I’m pretty much an open book!